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Procrastination – If you want something you have never had you need to do something you have never done.

It is a well recorded fact that the most common six letter word in the vocabulary of the successful is…..ACTION.  Winners do today what others won’t to have tomorrow what others don’t. 

The definition of procrastination is as follows; to defer, to linger, to loiter, to hesitate, to delay, to suspend. It is worth noting at this point that this is your financial decision and your future will depend on it. 

Be careful! Do not to be prevented from making a life enhancing decision based on the opinions of others!  Ponder this; if you needed heart surgery you would consult a specialist and not take advice from a family friend or your next door neighbour!  Yet, so many make the drastic mistake of listening to unqualified people when it comes to financial strategy.  

Do not live a life of regret that will leave you saying “if only”




Terry Quinn - Director

Terry Quinn is an International Financial coach with a passion to help all his clients not only create wealth but to protect wealth. Terry is a sought after conference speaker throughout the world .

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The very heart of our company is to help and assist all clients discover and fulfil their financial potential regardless of their current position or circumstance. CPW International is committed to building trust and complete transparency in all aspects of creating and protecting wealth.

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